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2018 விசேட தினங்கள்

Siegenbeckstraße 4-5
59071 Hamm

Tel.: 023 88/30 22 23

Fax: 023 88/30 22 24



Täglich von 8.00 – 14.00 Uhr und 17.00 – 20.00 Uhr



தினமும் 8:00 - 14:00 மணி, மாலை 17:00 - 20:00 மணி

Täglich um 8.00 Uhr, 12.00 Uhr und 18.00 Uhr



தினமும் காலை 8.00 மணி, நன்பகல் 12.00 மணி, மாலை18.00மணி


கிரீஸ்கைம் ஸ்ரீ கனகதுர்க்கை அம்மன் ஆலயம் ஜெர்மனி

Sri Venugopala Suwami Temple India

Anfahrt    போக்குவரத்து


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Celebrates the divine and auspicious  Goddess Kamadchi Ampal's

"MAKORCAVAM ANNUAL FESTIVAL PROGRAM 2017 ....where the Goddess Divine Mother and the Divine Guru shower their sacred auspicious and divine Blessings upon all the residents of the City of Hamm and all dear devotees, friends and visitors to the divine temple abode of Goddess Sri Kamadchi Ampal at Hamm, Germany.

 The "Makorcavam Annual Festival" commences on Monday, 12th June 2017 and ends on Wednesday, 28th June 2017 !


 During this entire "Makorcavam Annual Festival" period

( i.e. from 12.06.17 to 28.06.17 ),  "Poojas" or "Prayers" will be held at the Temple daily commencing at the following scheduled times :



07:00 AM : Snapana Abhishekam Pooja / Prayers


10:00 AM :  Moolasthana Pooja / Prayers.


11:00 AM : Kodithamba Pooja / Prayers.


12:00 PM : Vasantha Mandapa Pooja / Prayers

01:30 PM : Archanai / Darshans / Prasadhams  -
                    Temple devotees, friends and vistors to our divine abode
                     will receive our Divine Mother Goddess Sri Kamadchi 
                     Ampal's Blessings with :
                     "Vibhuthi Prasadhams" ( Blessed sacred Holy Ashes ) & 
                     "Nai Vedyam Prasadhams" ( Blessed Prasadham Meals )

04:00 PM : Moolasthana Visheda Pooja / Prayers.
05:15 PM : Kodithamba Pooja / Prayers.
06:00 PM : Vasantha Mandapa Pooja, Sri Kamadchi Ampal Pushpa
                Parayanam, Vedas Recitations, 
07:00 PM : Sanskrit Stotrams, Thevarams, Religious Scriptures
                 explanations & clarifications.
08:30 PM : Concluding Pooja /Prayers & distribution of Darshans
                 with „Vibhuthi Prasadham“ -  sacred „Holy Ashes“



* Extended Pooja / Prayers are being performed at the

    Sri Kamadchi Ampal Temple, Hamm, Germany,

    during the Makorcavam Annual Festival  2017 period from :

    12th June to 28th June 2017 , where the concluding

    Pooja / Prayers are expected to be completed by 10:00 PM.


* During the auspicious Chariot Festival period , the Temple High

   Priest, Siva Sri Arumuga Paskarakurukkal, most humbly and

   kindly requests all devotees, friends and visitors to the

   Sri Kamadchi Ampal Temple, Hamm, Germany to adhere to the

   following : -


1)   As large influx of devotees, friends are expected to visit the Temple during "Makorcavam Annual Festival" everyone is kindly requested to remove their shoes, sandals, slippers and to place them at the allocated „shoe stands“ before entering the divine abode of the Goddess Sri Kamadchi Ampal Temple.


Additionally, especially, during the Chariot Festival period, all devotees are kindly requested to remove their shoes and leave them in their automobiles / cars


2)   Devotees interested in making donations for the

Makorcavam Annual Festival period and during the

Chariot Festival periods ( either in the form of financial contributions, or  by providing pooja items , or by contributing provisions for preparing „Nai Vedyam“ are kindly requested to contact the Sri Kamadchi Ampal Temple authorities :


3)   The use of mobile phones inside the confines of the Temple

are strictly prohibited.


We would greatly appreciate if you would kindly adhere to the above Sri Kamadchi Ampal Temple instructions during the entire Makorcavam Annual Festival & Chariot Festival periods.